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Bishop Remodeling & Construction worked with this home owner on roofing, stucco and exterior repair and painting.

After completing a much needed shingled roof repair and overlay, Bishop replaced the gutters, repaired and painted soffits, siding accents and garage. Finally, the original stucco was power washed and repaired. The final work was installation of the Elastomeric coating over stucco. Bishop utilizes this product because of its high durablity, selection of colors and reliability of performance. Read more about Elastomeric Stucco Coating.

Before Photos

After Photos

After repairing chips and cracks, the Stucco is Power Washed to remove excessive dirt and stains before applying color coating.

before stucco repair
after stucco

Over time, stucco and paint naturally fade, crack and chip in response to environmental conditions. Wind, sunlight and moisture cause your painted exterior to look worn and unattractive. Cracked and chipped stucco and paint allow for moisture and pests to access the wood under layer of your exterior. Bishop’s comprehensive remodeling will protect your home for years to come.

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