Benefits of the flat roof

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What are the benefits of a flat roof?

When I was growing up in the Michigan, it seemed like all homes had a pitched roof. I just figured that’s what houses looked like. The school didn’t have a pitched roof, either did the Meijer’s supermarket. Of course I didn’t give it any thought as a child. But when I moved to Albuquerque there were flat roofs everywhere. Is is the style or is there a reason flat roofs are better for the southwest?

  • Flat means surface area roofing: Less surface area means fewer materials, less labor, and less time needed to construct the roofing. Flat roof costs for installation, repair, and replacements are typically much cheaper than the pitched or sloped roof.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Although no roof is completely flat (flat roofs typically have a minor amount of degrees in slope for drainage purposes), roof repair, replacement, and gutter cleaning is easier and much safer than sloped roofs. Green roofs are gaining popularity with environmentally conscious companies and organizations.
  • Solar panel ready: Flat roofs are ideal for placing solar panels because they receive a maximum amount of sunshine throughout the day.  In the proper regions.
  • Energy efficiency:  Sometimes referred to as “reflective roofing systems” can have a profound impact relative to the cooling costs.
  • Fully usable interior walls: Sloped rooftops often create extended wall spaces that cannot be used inside the building.  Typically a flat roof system will  eliminate this problem, giving you more space to work with.
  • Renovation ready: Flat styles make future floor additions less expensive and simpler, if needed.
  • Options: Flat roofs are convenient for installing large HVAC equipment that otherwise would have to be installed on the ground. For residential buildings, a nearly even surface lends itself to becoming a terrace or garden.

Seems like there are good reasons to put flat roofs on homes in the desert. Fortunately for flat roof owners, the materials for repairing old, damaged, or poorly maintained flat roofs has improved greatly. In addition to the traditional gravel and tar there is a polypropylene coating that is easier to install and lasts longer.

Bishop remodeling and construction uses the new product and will gladly come talk with you about all your flat roof options. Give George Bishop a call 505-620-0505.


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