Why does Bishop Use Elastomeric Coating?

 In Stucco and Home Siding

Elastomeric coating is an extremely durable, mildew & dirt resistant waterproofing finish.

Regardless of the type of climate you live, your home endures changes in temperature, moisture and wind. Raw materials like wood, brick, stucco and vinyl do not withstand these physical changes for long. Elastomeric coatings provide a substantial added protection to all of these raw materials.

Several well known companies included Behr, Henry and Kool Seal sell paint like products with elastromeric components. Because of the diversity available in colors and durability, elastomeric is used nationwide by top contractors.

Behr states:

An exterior, flexible high-build coating designed to expand & contract, bridging hairline cracks in vertical masonry surfaces. This extremely durable, mildew & dirt resistant waterproofing finish has superior elasticity & elongation properties to resist cracking. It withstands 98 mph wind-driven rain. The 100% acrylic latex formula provides a breathable film, releasing moisture that builds in walls. It is available in 90 custom tinted colors and computerized color matching.

What does elastomeric coating look like?

Before Elastromeric Coating

After Elastomeric Coating

after stucco

The elastomeric coating is offered in base, clear or color. In this example, the homeowner wanted a color change. Bishop Remodeling (Albuquerque Contractor) did repairs and essential preparations to the stucco and brick then applied the color elastomeric coating.

These products, while available to the general population, require special preparation and application techniques to perfect the outcome. When contacting a local contractor to remodel your home or business, be sure to ask about elastomeric coatings. They will extend the life and beauty of your exterior.

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